Lux aeterna - a short story


Lux aeterna

  a short love story by Markus Kardorff (Jgst. Q1)


Chapter 1

Käthe met him just a couple of weeks ago. Oh, what a lovely face he had! His beautiful eyes caught her attention right from the fist moment on. His hair, stylish pushed to the left side of his forehead, his mouth, always smiling a little, his hands, looking so soft and seeming to be predestined to touch her in the most gentle ways. At university, she first saw him in his machine construction class and it was love at first sight. Ever since, she tried to grab his attention.

,,He must be pretty intelligent?", Käthe's best friend Eleonore said. ,,Studying machine construction at this university is really hard...?"

,,I’m sure he is. Look at him. He's... like a boss."

,,Are you still waiting for him to talk to you?"

,,I would wait for him till the end of times..."

,,Oh, come on, you only have a crush on him."

,,Nah. It's a passionate love affair!"

,,Aha... Well if that's the case you really should start talking to him. I mean, he probably doesn't even know you exist! I also heard he has a girlfriend. But it seems to be a loveless relationship."

So Käthe decided to ask him for a date. But what should they do? Inviting him for a coffee was lame, a visit to the movies would be too much for a first rendezvous... Well, she would decide later after her biology class.

Full of excitement and hope to meet her handsome boy alone and to finally express her love for him, she waited in her biology class. In the future, she planned to teach biology herself since she was really good at it. But time seemed to go slower and slower. She just could not wait because she had a plan.

Right after her class she would go to the canteen and meet him. He was always there, sitting at a table near the counter. And if she was quick enough, she would reach him before his friends would be there. This could cause an awkward situation, since Käthe was a little bit shy and she was not sure if she could speak freely and clear, when being face to face with her angel-like love. So during class she was trying to find words to ask him out for a date. But what should she say? Suddenly Eleonore asked:

,,Hey Käthe, how's things going? You've a plan?"

And Käthe realized it was only five minutes left, till she would go to the canteen.

,,Oh no, what should I do? Oh my god, Elli, I don't know what to say to him? I've absolutely no Idea.  And if I fail this he'll never know I exist and I'll never meet him and we'll never kiss and we'll never..."

Eleonore laughed.

,,Käthe, Käthe. You're really infatuated. Just relax. I'll give you advise if necessary."

,,Thank you, Elli. You're such a good friend."

,,Oh dear, look at the time! Class is over, let's go to the canteen."

,,Alright, but tell me what to say..."

The two girls left the room and where just about to turn left in order to reach the canteen, when suddenly...


Chapter 2

,,Oh h-hey T-Tim", Käthe said, almost whispering.

Tim had just appeared in front of the girls when they turned and Käthe was totally perplex to see him earlier than she planned to.

,,How's things", Tim asked politely, with an undertone of longing passion.

But in Käthe's head were too many thoughts. She could not answer straight ahead, a voice in her head kept saying how handsome and awesome Tim was and the wildest thoughts about a common future appeared.

Tim seemed to see this and to save Käthe from embarrassment he just kept talking.

,,I've seen and watched you a while now. Well, who could just not see and watch an angel on earth... I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Tim and I want to ask if you want to hang out with me some time this week? If that's ok for you?"

Käthe could not believe it. She kept thinking he did not know her. But actually he watched her and waited for a chance to meet her. Just like she did. She put herself together and tried to hide the excitement in her voice.

,,Sure, I'm positive", she said.

,,Great!", Tim replied. He also seemed to be excited. ,,What about tomorrow afternoon? You probably know Horny Paul's Coffee Palace? Let's meet there at five?"

,,I'll be there."

,,Sweet!", he said, and when turning and leaving the absolutely overexcited girl and her best friends he waved to say goodbye. And furthermore, Käthe was sure to see him wink to her.  She waited till Tim was out of range to hear her and then screamed into Eleonore's face:

,,OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! He asked me out for a date. I thought it was over when he suddenly appeared in front of us. I was shocked. Oh oh oh... I.... I can't believe it. Everything went better than expected! I'll meet him tomorrow!"

,,It's ok. Calm down."

,,I don't wanna", she laughed and started running. ,,I need to go home and get ready for tomorrow... See you tomorrow in botany class!"

,,But Käthe, we still have physiology of plants now... hey!"

Käthe did not hear her and kept running.

,,She's madly in love... she truly is", thought Eleonore and went to her next class.

Chapter 3

,,No way!"

,,Yeah, seriously!"

,,I don't believe it. You really did ask her? And she said yes?"

,,I did, guys."

,,Dude ... I'm proud of you. Congrats!"

,,I'm just surprised a hot chick like her is willing to meet someone like you... You didn't pay her to meet you, did you?"

,,As if!" said Tim.

He was just happy now. He managed it to ask Käthe for a date. Oh, how long did he wait for this moment. He saw her quite often at university, but never dared to ask her. But today he had success. When he came home to his flat that he shared with his friends Paul and Louis, he promptly told his fellows about his.

,,And guess what. I invited her to your café, Paul."

,,Oh nice. Ok, you supported me so many times, when I struggled to run the café, now it's my turn to thank you. Just go in my Palace and buy the most expensive stuff for her. She'll be impressed, but on this day you'll get everything for free! That should help you to get laid."

,,But I don't wanna get laid...", replied Tim

,,...not yet...", said Paul.

,,... but I'm gonna accept your offer gratefully."

,,Use it wisely, my friend. You only get one chance with her."

,,Yeah, you know best, Paul, don't you?", laughed Louis, ,,You try it every week."

,,C'mon guys, we all have needs!", answered Paul, a little bit angry.

,,Yes, but your desire is not a need anymore, you're just weird. Your sexuality is like the universe. The more time elapses, the quicker it’s expanding! That's why they call you Horny Paul!"

The three boys laughed and Paul was the first to say:

,, Yeah but it helped me with the marketing of my café."

,,You wanted to name it "The Pleasure Dome". Its current name was Louis' idea."

,,Yeah, but it's pleasuring all coffee needs."

,,Shut up. I'll go to bed, I need to mentally prepare for tomorrow."

,,Oh man. You really fell head over heels in love with that girl."

,,Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I meet a girl

Instead of you!"

,,Instead of me?! I'll bet 10 bucks I'll get laid before you do!"

,,No way, this is, true, deep love. I don't bet. You don't even know what love is. You just make love with everything that's moving"

,,Yes and I'm proud of it. I enjoy a good reputation. But fine then. Go and "prepare" for tomorrow"

,,You don’t have a "good" reputation, Paul!"

,,Right, night guys."


Chapter 4

Tim was already waiting at Horny Paul's Coffee Palace when Käthe arrived. They both looked great in their clothes. Tim chose a fancy pair of pants and a shirt, while Käthe was wearing her nice black summer dress. They looked at each other and the beauty they saw overwhelmed their minds.

,,Nice to see you", said Tim, ,,let's take a seat."

And although Tim's greeting seemed to be a cliché-like phrase, they both felt that there it was more than that. Maybe it was his gentle voice, maybe his blue eyes with the greenish dots in it that looked deeper in her eyes than anybody else before. She did not know. But what she did know was, there were true feelings beyond the words.

Inside the café they ordered a special blend of Paul’s best coffees and started to talk about this and that. It was nice for them to talk, but they both sensed that it was not the core of what the other really wanted to talk about. Actually, they did know what to say, but they did not dare to do so. So in between the different topics they discussed they remained silent. Though the silence was not awkward. It was more a silence of understanding, a communication without words. Then Paul said:

,,Well, Käthe. You're so impressing". She was flattered. ,,It's just the way you are. How you walk, how you talk, how nicely you treat me. I just... "

He could not finish his sentence, but there was no need to do so. Käthe understood. They both understood each other. Shyly Tim raised his head, looking into Käthe’s eyes, in her ocean-like blue eyes. There were tears, tears of happiness. She smiled and suddenly felt a heat that she had never felt before. Her heart kept beating faster and faster and without really thinking about it, she slowly moved her head a bit forward closed her eyes. In the same moment, Tim felt the same way and reacted just like Käthe did.

Very slow, and still some kind of quick, the two came closer and closer to each other, expecting this special moment they longed for. Though, they also felt a little fear, what if they could not satisfy each others expectations?

Then all of a sudden their lips touched gently. How soft they were, Käthe thought. How endless sweet they taste, Tim thought.  Both gave in to temptation. They forgot time and space around them, they forgot that they were in a public café that bore the name of Tim's horny friend Paul, they forgot everything. In their minds, there were no longer thoughts about how to achieve to meet each other, the only thought was how they could keep this moment, the moment when everything changed, as long as possible. And in this very moment of passionate kissing, both realized that they did not kiss anybody, but that they kissed their true love.

Maybe they kissed for a few seconds, maybe for a minute, maybe for an hour. They could not tell. But when their pinky lips moved apart and they looked at each other again, everything was different. It was a wordless agreement, they just both knew that they were not dating anymore, they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

And when the couple left the café to watch the sunset on the nearby hill, they looked at each other and in the same moment they both said:

,,I love you. You are my one and only."







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