A Christmas Miracle - a short story

A Christmas Miracle

a short story written by Milla Zaijber (class 9 b)

It was the first weekend of summer and the Christmas holidays, and we were excited. Four good friends on their first road trip into the outback! No parents for a week! It was just my best friend Donovan (the star rugby player), Dani (his nice but princess-like girlfriend), Ruby (my girlfriend and the school’s cleverest girl) and me, Angelo. I’ve always been quite the worry wart, and wasn’t sure this road trip was a good idea. Two guys and two girls – was going to work in the outback? But it was summer, school was over, so I didn’t care. I should have! Four friends left together on that Sunday, and four friends returned to Sydney a week later. But not the same four people…

Donovan: We rented a nice, old truck for the trip into the Outback. Angelo, my best friend for ages; Ruby, his canny girlfriend; and Dani, my own girlfriend, who is very pretty, came to my parents’ house. They were far away but I could see the loading area with the cramped bags. I threw my bag onto the loading area, too, and jumped into the truck. Dani welcomed me with a kiss. We were so excited but we didn't know what was still to come.

Ruby: My biggest wish came true shortly before Christmas: my best friends and I spent one week in the red center!! We were alone on the empty streets and partied to the loud music we were listening to during our ride. It was so much fun but Dani exaggerated it a lot: she screamed too loud, too annoyingly, and too shrill. I like her even if she was a bit 'blonde' and strenuous. I thought this trip would be amazing. But: this trip was a big challenge for all of us, I already knew it even before something had happened.

Dani: I really loved the song which was playing on the radio. Up to this point the trip was amazing but I was jealous of Ruby because Angelo was looking at her all the time, so much in love. Donovan should have done the same with me but he looked straight onto the street. Definitely because he was driving the car, I thought. Anyway, the drive was so much fun to me. I couldn’t foresee that something was going to stop us.

Angelo: It was very hot in the truck and I was relieved because one of the wheels was destroyed by a sharp stone, although it was a big shock for the girls. Donovan made us change the wheel, whereas this lazy guy didn't do anything. Ruby wasn't happy about the situation either but Dani, who was very fit, did it with a smile on her face.

Ruby: I was surprised about the behavior of Donovan, this arrogant self-centered bloke. The worst thing was that Dani, who is very naive, did it like a little, dependent monkey for her dear Donovan. I'd never have done it! When the wheel was repaired and we jumped back into the truck. Angelo drove the car and I forgot Donovan’s bad behavior.

Dani: Just because it was fun for me to repair the car, Angelo - and especially Ruby - thought that I was stupid. Sure, I am not as clever as Ruby but I'm clever in another way. While Ruby and Angelo were looking angrily, I tried my best to save the atmosphere. True to the motto: “The show must go on!”

Donovan: The journey was silent and boring but suddenly a kangaroo, which was jumping around in the outback, was next to us. Ruby, Dani, and I were so fascinated by the 'roo but poor Angelo, he had to drive the car. But when the 'roo was far away, the atmosphere was bad again. Maybe the reason was that we had to change the wheel. In the meantime, I was sorry that I made them work on their own. I knew Angelo is very sensitive.

Angelo: It was late in the evening and we were all very tired. So we looked for a place to sleep, where we made a campfire and set up our tents. We were lying in the tents and slowly fell asleep. The next morning I opened the tent and the first thing I saw was a big kangaroo family. The sky was blue and the moment was absolutely magical. In the background I heard the soft snore of Ruby and I realized how much I loved her. Our relationship was free from problems …. but there were still some to come!

Dani: After hours of driving, the truck became even slower and made curious sounds. But we didn't care. Suddenly Ruby said: 'What is this?? I don't think that this is good. Is the car broken?! I read an article...'' Donovan interrupted her and stopped the car and Angelo looked after the engine but he couldn't find anything. So we got back into the car but then it didn't drive one more centimeter. My view fell on the car’s sign, which shows how much petrol is left in the tank. I was shocked! We had no petrol anymore!! Donovan made a big mistake, because he asked in a very unfriendly way: ''WHO forgot the petrol for emergency situations?'' I never saw Angelo that furious; I always thought he is cool in every situation. But then he screamed out lout: '' What is your fucking problem?! But, WHO organized this trip? YOU did, because you are organizing everything because you think you're the king! WHO forced us to change the wheel? YOU did, because you are too lazy to move a finger! But you want to have the commando!! Sometimes I think you think your life is a football game. But it isn't! And sometimes I ask myself why I'm your best friend!'' Angelo showed us all the faults of Donovan and I noticed that Donovan had to change (his personality).

Ruby: Angelo didn't talk anymore. We had been walking through the outback for one day, we had neither water nor food left. And slowly I got angry because he was staring to the ground all time. Why did we leave Dani and Donovan? Now we are in the red center on our own! Just Angelo, the hot temperature … and me!

Donovan: I took Dani’s hand because she was sad and nervous. I tried to help her. We followed the wheel stamps and hoped that we can find the way back to civilization. I was asking myself all the time: ‘’Am I really as big an asshole as Angelo said? And how could I let him go away? I hoped they were fine. Dani and I talked about my worries and Angelo’s arguments and I was surprised: I had to change!

Ruby: ''SHIT!'', that was the first word of Angelo for 2 days. He hurt his leg and wasn't able to walk any further. We sat down on the red earth but Angelo started to ask where to get water. But I wanted to know why he didn't talk to me anymore. So we finally were talking when suddenly the earth began shaking. Kangaroos ran all around us. I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry when I saw 3 Aboriginals. Unexpectedly, they came towards us and didn't follow the kangaroos. They asked us: ''Can we help you?'' We were so lucky that they wanted to help us! We went to their camp with them. We didn't know what was happening in the 'other world' at that moment!

Donovan: As we arrived in Sydney after 2 days, I called the police. I wanted them to search for Ruby and Angelo in the outback. In this situation I was the worry ward, not Angelo. Dani and I were sitting in the police car to help them with the search. Luckily, we met one aboriginal, who spoke English, and he answered to our question:'' Yes, in our camp there are two, one girl and one boy, a couple, I think. I can tell you the way. With the car it takes you about two hours.'' Dani looked at me with hope in her eyes but she was confused at the same time because she saw me cry for the first time.

Angelo: It was totally strange in the camp. Except for one man, nobody spoke English, only this guy who was hunting all the time. A medicine man put some stinky cream, which was made of plants and roots, onto my injured leg. Ruby and I had reconciled, so she took my hand. The medicine man whispered something and suddenly Ruby smiled. She had heard the noise of a car. The Aboriginals had no idea what this might be but Ruby and I had some kind of hope again.

Dani: When we arrived at the Aboriginal camp, Donovan jumped out of the police car and started looking for Angelo and Ruby. He shouted:'' RUBY?! ANGELO?!'' The people were looking at us curiously and full of fear at the same time. Ruby came running towards us and fell into our arms. Then she led us to Angelo: ''Oh, Angelo, I'm so sorry and I want to change, really!’ Donovan told Angelo,' I hope it isn't too late to apologize!'' In the end, we got back into the car and drove home to Sydney. It was Christmas day and we were together again! This was my best Christmas present ever! I didn't think Angelo would forgive Donovan but wonder can happen every day!


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