Dreams - a short story


 a short story by Michael Pickart (class 9 b)

It was the first weekend of summer and the Christmas holidays, and we were excited. Four good friends on their first road trip into the outback! No parents for a week! It was just my best friend Donovan (the star rugby player), Dani (his nice but princess-like girlfriend), Ruby (my girlfriend and the school’s cleverest girl) and me, Angelo. I’ve always been quite the worry wart, and wasn’t sure this road trip was a good idea. Two guys and two girls – was going to work in the outback? But it was summer, school was over, so I didn’t care. I should have! Four friends left together on that Sunday, and four friends returned to Sydney a week later. But not the same four people…

So Donovan, Dani, Ruby, and I had prepared everything. Everybody took things which were important. Donovan took his football, which was signed by a famous football star. Ruby took some books to read something during the drive. Dani took her make-up to be beautiful even in the nowhere. And I? I took a book entitled 'How to survive in the outback'.

Already as we drove along Stuart Highway, Dani started to go on our nerves because she sang even louder than the radio. But Dani was the only one with a driver's license, so she HAD to come with us. I tried not to listen to her awful voice and made myself to fell asleep. But this was a very big mistake!

I can't remember everything, but I remember a horrible accident. Dani crashed into something. Everywhere there was blood. It was so real.

After this dream I woke up and saw that we were still driving along the highway. My dream was so real, I was sure something was going to happen. Suddenly a loud crash interrupted my thoughts and I heard a loud scream. When I opened my eyes I was really shocked. A huge and blood-covered kangaroo was lying on the front window of our car. But the kangaroo wasn't the only one who was bleeding! Out of Dani's eyes blood was streaming and she screamed and cried because of the liquids. Many glass fragments were in her eyes, that was why we had to stop. She couldn't see anything. She screamed: 'My beautiful eyes!' It was exactly like in my dream!

After a long time we succeed in reassuring her. But I wasn't able to reassure myself, because it was strange, I had seen this accident before it happened. But there was no time to think about that. We had to survive in the middle of Australia, THE OUTBACK.

Dani didn't say anything. She was silent all the time. In the evening we made a fire and our mood was a little bit slacker. In the later evening we went to bed, but I was a little bit scared about what was going to happen. But I was so tired that I quickly fell asleep. I dreamed again. But this time I remember all the horrible details: I was standing in the middle of a big part of the desert... alone! But when I looked down on me, I saw, I looked exactly like Donovan, who has got a big, muscled body and short hair. Right in front of me I saw a Tasmanian Devil. It snarled and looked aggressive. Suddenly it jumped on my face and bit me. It hurt so much even though it was a dream.

I woke up in the morning. Everything seemed to be normal. But I knew something would happen. This dream was so real. I felt that I had to warn Donovan. So I went to him and was happy to see that everything was all right. Nevertheless, I went to our group. Dani was the only one who was awake. I wasn't sure whether she was sleeping at all. After a few minutes Donovan and Rubi woke up, too. I asked them to come over and I started to report: 'Okay, this might sound very strange to you but I think I'm able to look ahead. I dreamed about the Dani’s accident. You must think I'm crazy but I dreamed again last night, about Donovan'. 'You're mad! The sun makes you become crazy', Donovan called out loud. 'No, I'm not mad! Please, just be careful and don't leave the camp on your own', I requested. I hoped he would take my advice, but I wasn't sure. After this small assembly I wanted to speak to Ruby: 'Hey Honey, how are you?' 'I'm not so fine. Dani, doesn't speak or eat anything and it doesn't interest her, what she looks like. Oh, and I think she didn't sleep last night. I'm really worried about her. And how do we get home? Dani was the only one with a driver's license and now she's blind', she answered lugubriously. 'Yes, you're right, but...' A loud scream interrupted me. It was Donovan! His face was so bloody that I could not recognize him. I was shocked. I ran towards him with some water. I tried to clean his sores. When the blood was washed away, I saw how distorted his face actually was. It was so shocking for me. And my dream became real again. Donovan could not speak very well because the Tasmanian Devil had injured his mouth. Donovan lost so much blood. I was worried about his life.

After we had stopped his sores from bleeding, we decided to stop our trip and tried to find a solution how to get home... but without success! Dani began to cry. I tried to sooth her: 'Honey, everything will be okay! Our parents will make the police search for us, I'm sure!'

And I was right. After three months in the horrible outback, which made us hunt and live like bush people, a helicopter of the 'Flying Doctor Service' finally saved us. But Dani was extremely thin and blind. Donovan was distorted and weak. I was almost dead. And Ruby, my true love, in the last night I had dreamed she would have died …. and now ….. in the helicopter …. there is a corpse .

So you see, four friends left together on that Sunday, and four friends returned to Sydney. But not the same four people…




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